Privacy Policy

PERGAS collects and uses personal data about staff, students and members in accordance with the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act – 2012 (PDPA) and other relevant laws and requirements on charity institutions in Singapore.

1) Notification

1.1 In the course of your dealings with PERGAS, PERGAS may be required to collect, use and/or disclose personal data about you. This may arise when you register, participate or attend as a PERGAS member, Asatizah, student, course, seminar or workshop participant, or in the course of PERGAS provision of services to you including welfare assistance.

1.2 Personal data means data, whether true or not, about an individual who can be identified from data; or from that data and other information to which an organisation has or is likely to have access. Personal data may include personal information such as (but are not limited to) name, NRIC or passport number, age, credit card number, residential address, mobile or residential telephone number, personal email address photographs or video image of an individual.

1.3 In view of the regime of the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 coming into effect on 2 July 2014, PERGAS is seeking your acknowledgement of and
agreement to the terms and conditions in relation to collection, use and disclosure of personal data, as set out in this Policy.

2) Purpose

2.1 PERGAS holds personal data on its students, customers, clients, donors and members (mentioned in 2.1). Such form of data collection consists of the three entities “PERGAS Welfare and Membership”, “PERGAS Islamic Education” and “PERGAS ARS” and other shared administrative services.

2.2 The data is used in order to support the following purposes in connection with the processing of your queries in respect of any PERGAS event, programme briefing, programme, membership, ARS and/or services provided by PERGAS:
a) to process/or attend to your query on educational services, dakwah outreach programmes, Asatizah development, financial and welfare assistance offered by PERGAS and/or other related and ancillary services provided by PERGAS;
b) to provide you with relevant information relating to the subject matter and/or areas of interests indicated in your query;
c) to send you PERGAS fundraising information, marketing collaterals, surveys, feedback, evaluation form and publications in connection with your relationship or experience with PERGAS;
d) Data is shared as necessary with third party companies to provide extended services; examples include transport, medical, catering, travel services and online services such as email, online bookings, ticketing and receipting;
e) During the course of your participation or attendance at events, functions or programme briefings organised or held by PERGAS, photograph(s) or video image(s) of you may be taken or recorded for news and publicity purposes relating to the legitimate interests of PERGAS. By participating in or attending the same, you agree for PERGAS to collect, use, reproduce, publish, adapt, apply or otherwise deal with the same in any medium and format (whether in their present, adapted or modified form) for the said purposes.

3) Protection and Security

3.1 Your personal data is an amanah to PERGAS.

3.2 PERGAS deploys appropriate security arrangements and technological measures to safeguard and protect your personal data.

4) Access, Update and Correction

4.1 You have the right to request access to, update and/or correct any personal data provided by you and held by PERGAS. PERGAS requires a form of verification (such as NRIC or student card) to process such request.

4.2 Under reasonable and satisfied ground, PERGAS will make the appropriate correction thereof, or the correction shall not be made without any proper identification.

4.3 If you wish to access, update and/or correct your personal data or if you have any query in respect to this policy, please contact 63469013 or email to

5) Variations and Updates

PERGAS reserves the right to update and vary this Policy from time to time as may be necessary. The updated or varied version will be posted on this webpage. Please check this page regularly for any updates or variations.